Abigail has been a classroom teacher and SENDCO for more than 20 years. During that time she has worked in a wide variety of settings and across age ranges 2 to adult. 
Whilst originally training as a science teacher, she has spent the majority of her career teaching children with poor literacy skills and special educational needs. 
Other hats worn across the years include Co-ordinator for PP, EAL, LAC, Family Learning, Assessment, (a whole variety of subjects including Science, Literacy, DT, IT, History, Music and Maths), Designated Safeguarding Lead, Chief First-Aider and NQT Mentor. The only mainstream subject to have not appeared on her timetable (within primary, secondary or FE) at some point has been…nope, can’t think of one, although SLT once regretted asking her to teach art to 9-year-olds!
Abigail loves working with schools and families around supporting young people with special educational needs. 

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Abigail Hawkins

Abigail Hawkins


Currently working alone to keep the website up-to-date, I would love any offers of support!
Pay = lots of zeros (and no digits).  Learning curve = vertical.  Satisfaction = immeasurable.


Do you offer advocacy and support services

I offer a web page with up to date and accurate information written in a manner that parents and professionals can access.
I will respond to support queries but I do not have the capacity to offer individual advocacy services…at this moment!

Can I send you my child's plan to look at?

Warn me first and I can let you know how long it will be before I can respond.  (It’s usually within 48 hours.)  

Bear in mind you are sharing highly sensitive information with me.  You may want to redact (scribble out) any names and addresses.

Once I have replied I delete my emails and anything you have sent, if you want me to keep a hold of them for a fixed period so we can refer back to them again, please let me know!

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OK, I don’t have loads of followers and the material isn’t fantastically interesting, but I have posted some videos to You Tube to help Parents and SENCOS.
Have a look.  Please subscribe (and ask family members to as well), as without 1000 subscribers YouTube do not pay for content…and I need coffee if I’m to continue uploading things late at night!

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