SENDCO Solutions Website

SENDCO Solutions has a website specifically for SENCOs.

SEN Resource Hub

The SEN Resource Hub contains information about different needs.

Special Needs Jungle

This fantastic website has plenty of advice for parents and SENCOs…just don’t get lost


This popular service offers legal advice and advocacy services.  They are frequently over run with requests.  

Child Law Advice

A fabulous website with information about a variety of child law issues including those related to SEN.


There are lots of helpful groups on Facebook.
Here are a few I find helpful,

EHCP Support Group


ADHD/ASD UK COMMUNITY SUPPORT (currently closed to new applicants)

ASD Autism Support and Strategies

SENCo/SENDCo Support (Professionals)

SENCo Forum

SENCO Best Practice

…along with a number of others specific to particular needs

Don’t forget my groups for SENCOS too:


SENDCO Solutions

(Sorry parents, I gatecrash the other groups rather than run one directly for you.)



I use Twitter as @sendcosolutions.

Please follow me and have a look at those who follow me back or I follow … there are plenty of helpful names in there 


SEN Books offer a fantastic series of books around SEN.  Colin takes his shop on the road and you can see him at events around the country…but he’ll post books out to you as well.

Emile Education

Emile offers a suite of literacy and numeracy apps that can be used for classroom delivery or intervention.
If you would like further information or a trial of their products please drop me an email on and I can organise that for you.  (Parents, please be aware that this is a subscription service for schools and not available for parental purchase, I can however point you in the direction of some free activities.)


I work for Edukey as their consultant SENCO and DSL.  They offer programs for schools written by teachers and SENCOs.  Alongside ClassCharts (their seating plan and behaviour management program) they offer Learning Plans and Provision Maps (an essential tool for SENCOs and PP coordinators), Literacy Assessment Online (online phonic, reading and spelling assessments), School Robins (a messaging system) and Safeguard My School (an alternative to CPOMS & My Concern.)

LEMONTREE Publications

Lemontree produce personalised books and they have an exciting new series on the way…watch this space!